Taking On the Marketing Industry with Andres Rivera

by Mayra Agredas

CSUN PRSSA had the pleasure of welcoming Creative Director and Design Strategist, Andres Rivera. Rivera discussed the importance of taking risks to initiate growth, whether it be professionally in our careers or our personal ventures.

At an unexpected time, Rivera decided to shift his direction in life from pursuing an education to freelancing. Although he understood that the chances of having a successful career without an education may be slim, Rivera eagerly accepted the challenge. When he started his creative path, he first began experimenting with logos by designing his own interpretations from already established organizations. He then had the privilege to create logos for friends who owned businesses and established credibility.

As he perfected his craft in logo creations, he started to draw an interest for website design. On a low budget and using pirated software, he created his own personalized website to advertise his skill in logo creation. His friends once again saw potential in Rivera’s expertise in design and requested websites for their businesses. Their collaborations allowed Rivera to not only practice, but to perfect his skill without any underlying pressure before booking clients outside his inner circle.

Years later, by word of mouth and consistent demonstration, he is known for his detailing in strategizing designs for businesses, organizations and events. He continues his journey by organizing annual music festivals for his 'Hip Hop Gives' foundation and as Creative Director for 'Pacoima Beautiful.'

Every obstacle that Rivera had endured wasn’t easy, but the passion he had within himself made it fun. Our biggest takeaway from Rivera is to enjoy our upbringings to success and to explore our interests along the way.

“Run towards your fears. As designers and creators, we are our worst enemies that keeps us from succeeding,” pleaded Rivera. “Every moment is a game to play, and trust me it’s worth playing.”


 Wed - 7 p.m. 




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