Personal Branding Workshop 101

CSUN PRSSA is branding yourself day.

Every time you introduces yourself to a professional or going into an interview you have to make yourself stand out and be different from the other students/ people who want to get that internship or job. In this blog we will be talking about how you can be above the rest and stand out from the rest of the crowed.

First of all create an online portfolio to show case your work over the years. For example, if you are a Public Relations major you have created press release, summary’s about your client and media videos. Everything you had created from your classes put that into your online portfolio and you will impress people during your interviews. It does not hurt to create a physical copy and bring it to your interview. It will show that you have gone above and beyond to show case your skill set. In your online portfolio you should include pages that have a about me section resume section and a page section including your work.

Here are a list of free online website portfolios:

  • Wix

  • Wordpress

  • Carbonmade

  • Online slide show

  • Blog spot

  • Squarespace

Here are other website builders that can help you compare pricings, which type of websites you want to create and etc.:

Another thing that should be in your tool box is having a business card. A business card is a professional way to introduce yourself to another professional or handing them out at networking events. In a business card you have to include your logo, have a LINKEDIN ACCOUNT and put the URL on your business card and social media websites.

Here are different Business Card Websites:

  • Vistaprint

  • overnight prints

  • moo

Lastly your elevator pitch it is away to pitch yourself in front of professional people. Imagine that you are in an elevator alone with a person who works for Netflix. You only have 15 seconds to pitch yourself and make a great impressions in front of the person who works at Netflix. When meeting a professional ask them what do you do for work. Once they finished talking about themselves then you use your elevator pitch.

Outline for an elevator pitch:

  • Talk about what you are majoring in college, if you have a minor, or associate degree.

  • Next you talk about what you want for example, you are looking for an internship for Spring/Fall. Or you ask for an informational session in which you want to know more about the professional and how they got from point A to point B working for Netflix.

  • Once you finished talking ask for their business card and if they don’t have one then ask for their email address and write it on your phone. Then you give them your business card.

  • Lastly make sure you email them right away thanking the professional for talking about they career or if they gave you great advice. Or you can ask in a email to grab coffee and want to talk to the professional about more information about working for Netflix.


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