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By Monica Rodriguez

Johanna Albertsson works for Team One Agency to help brands build relationship with influencers, clients and the leading edge of the digital world through travel. Team One agency has different departments which includes Media, Social, PR, Digital and etc.

Albertsson went to Chapman University and major in film, did her first internship for Taco Bell.

Here are tips from Albertsson about college life you should follow:

Collegiate Beginnings

· Know your goals

· Keep a planner (phone and paper!)

· Network within your classes (easy and always available)

· Follow up – thank you notes are key! (paper if possible, email works too!)

Here are Tips from Albertsson when she interned at Taco Bell:

· Not everything will be fun and games as an intern.

· You’ll do some tasks that you don’t like but you’ll also have fantastic experiences, as long as you put yourself out there.

· Make it known to your manager or supervisor what you are interested in.

· They will help you get assignments that put you on the right track!

After Albertsson gradated form Chapman University she got a Public Relations job in a Casting Agency. Her point of view working for a casting agency is “not what you think and it’s was a big wake up call to work in the line of Public Relations,” said Albertsson. You have to be very flexible with your schedule and learn how to work in a very fast pace environment. During the time of working a Casting Agency Albertsson got to work with MARVEL STUDIOS, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and other T.V. shows.

After working for a Casting Agency she went to work for Citizen Relations. One of her clients were Mr. Clean and helped created a campagna for one of their new cleaning products.

Citizen Relations Overview:

· Tackling your first agency job

· Creating the “Los Angeles Culture Club”

· Time management and event creation

· Logistics management and budgeting

· Managing multiple clients

· Influencer programming

· Media Relations – NYC Trips

Next Albertsson had to make the hardest diction of her life to quit her job at Citizen Relations and went to work for Team One.

Albertsson Campaign works for Team One:

· Luxury agency part of Saatchi & Saatchi

· Took over influencer program

· Worked on 10+ campaigns

· Secured 10+ stories

· Cultivating relationships with lifestyle media in L.A. and N.Y.

· Creating new influencer relations plan for the brand

· 19+ test drives per month

Here are tips for pitching to the Media:

· Creating your media list (tools to know)

· Preparing for outreach i.e. creating your pitch

· Attention to detail is an absolute must

· Know your reporter m don’t pitch them something they won’t care about

· Triple check your emails (name, contact info, etc)

· Follow up and keep digging

Hosting the Media

· Ensure details are scheduled with ease

· Have cell numbers on hand for all necessary contacts

· Dress to impress

· Remember, they’re people too

· Follow up: stay on their beat


· Earned vs. Paid

· Do your research – use platforms!

· Not all influencers are created equal (quality over quantity)

· Be transparent about your goals

· Allow them to create for their audience: don’t micro-manage

· The influencer world is wide. If it’s not a good fit, move on

Work Ethic/ Environment:

· Timeliness

· Be up for anything: extra effort speaks volumes

· Show up every day

· Be yourself!

· Leave things better than you found them

· Working on the fly

· Work life balance: it’s out there

Lastly the Top Things to Know :

· Keep your AP Style Book on your desk

· Never leave before your boss (at least in the beginning)

· Be you!

· Always ask for more

· Stay in touch

Thank you for reading about Johannna Albertsson our guest speaker from Team One. If you want to know more about Team One agency please click the link


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