Inspiration Over Motivation

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

By Lilibeth Orozco

This week, CSUN PRSSA had the pleasure of hosting CSUN Class of 2007 alumnus and former Fundraising Chair for PRSSA, Natalie Yallouz. With a bachelor's degree in Journalism under her belt, Natalie is now the Senior Vice President of MPRM Communications. The company handles PR within the field of entertainment such as film, television, event, corporate, and communications. MPRM has worked with names like National Geographic, Paramount, The Voice, Netflix and so much more.

Natalie’s first job out of college was at MPRM. After moving jobs and gaining more exposure to the business side of public relations, Natalie returned to MPRM feeling that her interests in media and desire for hospitality in the workplace were all fulfilled there.

As an intern recruiter herself, Natalie offered advice for those seeking an internship. First, do not go in completely blind. One should have an understanding of public relations and the practice. Also, read about the industry and the company you are interviewing for. This shows that you are not only interested in their company, but that you have some understanding about what type of work you might be doing as an intern. Next, take advantage of being in an entry level job and ask questions. An internship is there for you to learn. If you happen to land one, make sure to soak up as much information as you can. That being said, Interns have a bit more leniency because of their entry level status. Try not to make mistakes, but if you are going to then make those mistakes now rather than later. As Natalie put it, “the more you are afraid of making a mistake, the more likely to make a mistake you are.” An intern accidentally messing up is more excusable than if you make a mistake 5 years into your career because you did not pick up on basic information when you were supposed to be learning as an intern. Finally, network as much as possible. Build a LinkedIn, collect business cards, and create media contact lists. Make sure your resume and cover letter are pristine. Try to start early by gaining public relations experience before graduating college.

After offering us this invaluable advice, Natalie gave us an account on how her job and the PR field has impacted her life professionally and personally. She explained the difference between inspiration and Motivation. Motivation is a quick and temporary feeling to get work done. On the other hand, inspiration does something to light up your soul; it lasts forever. She alludes to a recent project her company collaborated with that aimed to create a positive social change in the world. She finds herself feeling inspired and happy to go to work when she feels like she is making a positive impact and advised us to find our inspirations. Since the public relations field can be strenuous and timely, she advised us to set boundaries within our jobs such as creating respectful work hours on our own and making sure to take care of our well-being. In addition, Natalie uses her own experience when it comes to self-care and managing a healthy work and life balance. “Your job is like a relationship, it needs to be nurtured; there will be ups and downs,” she said. Activities such as meditating, journaling and exercising were mentioned to help keep that balance. She also makes a note to set intentions every day in order to head into work with a positive mindset. With that being said, she advises us to remember what we are grateful for everyday and to find joy in everything we do whether it be within our careers or personal lives.

Natalie Yallouz was an impactful speaker who inspired us to do better for public

relations and to reach our career goals.


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